A CariCRIS credit rating is an objective assessment of an entity's creditworthiness relative to other debt issuing entities. The CariCRIS regional scale rating compares an entity's creditworthiness to all debt-issuing entities in a defined Caribbean region. CariCRIS also offers a national scale credit rating where the comparison set is all debt-issuing entities in the financial markets of a single nation.

Colonial Fire and General Insurance Company Limited – Withdrawal of Issuer/ Corporate Credit Ratings

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CariCRIS lowers its ratings for NiQuan Energy Trinidad Limited

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CariCRIS reaffirms overall ‘high creditworthiness’ ratings of Massy Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries

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Island Car Rentals Limited J $2.2 Billion Bond Issue – Withdrawal of Issue Credit Ratings

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CariCRIS upgrades “adequate creditworthiness” ratings of Island Car Rentals Limited

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CariCRIS reaffirms ‘high creditworthiness’ ratings of Guyana Shore Base Incorporated

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CariCRIS reaffirmed its ratings for Dominica Agricultural, Industrial and Development Bank

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