We offer both Issuer/Corporate Credit Ratings and Issue Ratings. Issuer/Corporate Credit Ratings are assigned to entities while our Issue ratings are assigned to fixed income instruments such as:

  • Bonds

  • Secured Debt

  • Unsecured Debt

  • Mortgages

  • Term Loans

  • Commercial Paper

  • Bank Deposits

  • Preference Shares

  • Mortgage-Backed Securities

  • Asset-Backed Securities

  • Structured Obligations

Our credit ratings represent a comprehensive, independent diagnosis of each entity that can be used by management as a diagnostic tool to effect performance improvements going forward.

They can be used to determine regulatory capital requirements and to support capital and financing raising efforts from both the capital market and banking system with the result of lowering the cost of funding.

We provide a detailed rating report that describes the factors driving the ratings assigned, the strengths and the areas for improvement.